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Juan de Marcos González is a Cuban bandleader, the architect of the legendary Afro-Cuban All Stars, Social Club) and the another Cuban band, Sierra Maestra. To Juan de Marcos, music is religious medicine. spiritual solace playing the sacred rhythms of his ancestors Juan De Marcos’ compositions often evoke healing memories in his audiences.

As a child in a musical household Juan de Marcos was trained at the feet of the Maestros. From his father, Marcos González; a singer for Arsenio Rodriguez's Juan's mission is the preservation of his rich musical inheritance.

He arranged conducted and produced The Buena Vista Social Club recordings to fulfill a dream; creating musical tributes that cured like a fountain of youth for those Cuban musicians whose era was thought long gone. González a bridge builder connecting the past and the future, the elders with youth. Juan De Marcos' melodic story authenticates the blessing of his African ancestors.

González has a special formula for each and every performance. There is always a tremendous "fiesta" happening on stage culminating as an unforgettable show reminiscent of a night in Havana. His "All Stars" feature some of Cubas finest musicians, including his daughters and wife.