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ibrahim ferrer jr.

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Youngest son of the emblematic Ibrahim Ferrer of the Buena Vista Social Club. His father determined this to be his name after being the first son after having five daughters. Donning a unique voice for Cuban Son he also brings a charisma that catches the eyes of many wherever he goes. Young and old, he is capable of captivating his fans through his musical prowess.


Ibrahim Ferrer Jr. Lives by the same motto his father lived by that applied to all soneros... LOS DE AYER, LOS DE HOY Y LOS DE SIEMPRE (The ones from yesterday, today and the future) Ibrahim Ferrer Jr. Left his career as a naval engineer and moved to Argentina where he was able to focus on his musical aspirations and dedicate the time he needed to the passion that drove him.


In Argentina he was able to establish two locations Ron y Son and La Habana Vieja on the southern part of the country where he was able to perform for all the locals so they could enjoy his musical performances and shows. Later as the program director for a television segment named Son De Todos - dedicated to Cuban music- he was able to perform live together with his father for large audiences. This began his recognition among the scene and credibility among the press and industry.


First known as "Son of Ibrahim Ferrer" he ultimately was able to go out under his own name, style and personality and tour successfully through south America. Ibrahim is also considered a well regarded musician in some of the most important venues in South America.

He has performed in Europe (2011, 2012), as well as performed with the Buena Vista social Club in Argentina and Brazil. He has 2 albums under his belt; "Son Para ti", an album full of classic Cuban music and, "Al Son de Un Homenaje", an album merging classic Cuban music with modern Cuban music from Cuban artists established in Argentina. Ibrahim won the Gardel Award for music in 2008 for the latter album (Al Son de Un Homenaje). He released his third studio album "Mio Muy Mio" in 2013. This album is where Ibrahim Jr. portrayed his view on classic Cuban music and new Cuban music with his own style built through his years living in Argentina.