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 Cubanismo! bring the fire of the Havana dance floor, full of swaggering horn charts, brilliant harmonies and wild Cuban polyrhythms. From the irresistible traditional to the super exciting modern, their infectious music is the very heartbeat of Cuba itself, including iconic Cuban rhythms that keep the world dancing to this day, such as Mambo, Salsa, Chachachá, Danzon, Desacarga, Bolero, Rumba, Son, and Latin Jazz.

Led by Jesús Alemañy – a trumpeter for the legendary Son group Sierra Maestra from the age of fifteen – the group began as a recording project. The subsequent eponymous album became one of the Latin crossover albums of the ‘90s, and made the Top Ten Lists of Billboard, Latin Beat and Afro-pop Worldwide.


Cubanismo has recorded 7 Albums and has being touring more that 50 countries worldwide performing in the bigests Jazz Festivals, Teathers, Art Centers and Dancing Halls. In 2008 their release ‘Greetings From Havana’ (Aim Records) was Grammy nominated for ‘Best Tropical Latin Album’.

Cubanismo means a "word or phrase, which is specifically Cuban, something unique to the island and not common to the general Spanish culture of Latin America". And 'all Cuban' is Cubanismo-the very talented, very successful Cuban band, which is comprised by an all-star line up and led by Jesus Alemany, the former trumpeter of Cuba's prominent Son group Sierra Maestra.

This year, reassembled as a new band, and to celebrate their 20th anniversary of touring, ¡Cubanismo! Are touring the world again, performing concerts in Great Britain, Scandinavia, Europe, Canada and USA.